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Top Tick Tips!

Posted: 13th November 2017

Ticks are small parasites that can be found lurking in grassy areas. Ticks aren’t just pests that feast on your dog and cause them to itch; they can also be carriers of serious diseases which can be passed from one to another during the tick’s meal – including humans!
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Dogs Can Save Lives Too!

Posted: 6th November 2017

...Your dog can become a life-saving blood donor
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Try us for FREE!

Posted: 3rd November 2017

Are you new to Manor Vets? Tempted to try our services? We are confident you will find our service first class and we are offering a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our vets to prove it!
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Small pets

Posted: 2nd November 2017

Fireworks frighten animals: Don’t forget your small furries! Small animals and birds all need to be treated with special care as these animals are easily frightened.
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National Pet Show 2017

Posted: 2nd November 2017

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Microchip Details

Posted: 1st November 2017

Fireworks frighten animals: Please ensure microchip details are up to date
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Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Posted: 31st October 2017

Its everyone’s favourite holiday! Happy Halloween! Time to dress up as something spooky and go trick-or-treating! But during all the festivities, please make sure that you are having fun with your pet and keeping them safe.
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Halloween Challenge... Enter NOW!!

Posted: 27th October 2017

We are looking for all of you to send in pictures of your pets in their Halloween costumes...
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A stressful time for your pet

Posted: 26th October 2017

Pets can go missing for a variety of reasons especially during the Halloween and firework season…
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2018 Petplan Veterinary Awards

Posted: 14th October 2017

Don't forget the 2018 Petplan Veterinary Awards are now open!
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Fireworks Frighten Animals...

Posted: 13th October 2017

Fireworks Frighten Animals... help them feel safe!
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Please Join Us...

Posted: 26th September 2017

On Thursday 28th September Manor Vets will be taking part in the World's Biggest Coffee morning in support of Macmillian Cancer Support.
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Shyam microchip!

Posted: 30th August 2017

Meet Shyam Patel, a very handsome 5 month old African Grey Parrot brought in today by his owner Kiran.
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Treacles CT/MRI at Manor Vets

Posted: 25th August 2017

Treacle is a border collie cross who came into Manor for a CT scan after a stick got lodged at the back of her throat and became infected.
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Birmingham Pride!

Posted: 30th May 2017

Manor was thrilled to meet so many people from the LGBT community & their pets.
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Join the club!

Posted: 19th May 2017

We are proud to announce our NEW Pro-Pets Club which saves you money and helps to spread the cost of preventative and routine treatment.
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K-Laser Therapy

Posted: 5th May 2017

Does your pet suffer with joint pain or arthritis? Have you considered Laser therapy?
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Easter Poisons Warning!

Posted: 6th April 2017

Every year we treat dogs for chocolate and raisin poisoning....
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CT Scanner Official Launch!

Posted: 24th March 2017

It really was a pleasure to have Deputy Mayor, Councillor Dave Tyler and Deputy Mayoress Mrs Barbera Tyler with us at Manor Vets, Halesowen to officially launch our new CT Veterinary scanner.
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Spring Time Poison Warnings!

Posted: 5th March 2017

Spring is slowly but surely coming around and we will all spend more time outdoors and in our gardens. But did you know that quite a few common garden plants are poisonous to your pets?!
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Half Term!!

Posted: 20th February 2017

Half term is here and it's a great time to get out and about with your dog.
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The Benefits Of Neutering

Posted: 17th February 2017

Here at Manor, we believe that it is important to neuter your dog or cat if you are not planning to breed from them.
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Posted: 6th February 2017

The competition for the Best UK Vet closes very soon so we would be really grateful if you could leave a review...
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Petplan Nominations 2017

Posted: 26th January 2017

Thank you all so much for our Petplan nominations which arrived this week!
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Cold Weather Advice

Posted: 13th January 2017

With the weather set to take a wintery turn today, please take a moment to make sure that your pets are safe and warm.
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New Years Resolution!

Posted: 1st January 2017

It's that time again when we all make promises that we intend to keep for the year ahead...
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Parvo Virus Warning!

Posted: 30th December 2016

We have been made aware that several cases of Parvo Virus have been identified recently in Kidderminister.
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Rock Salt Poisoning

Posted: 29th December 2016

Now it has become cold and Icy, the gritters are in full force keeping roads and pathways safe for everyone to use, but we must remember the rock salt is harmful to our pets, if ingested.
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Christmas Opening Times

Posted: 21st December 2016

Festive season opening hours
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CT DAY!!!!

Posted: 19th December 2016

Today has been a very big day for us here at Manor as our CT scanner went live today and we have done our first scans!!!
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Christmas Jumper Day!

Posted: 6th December 2016

On Friday 16th December the Manor staff will be wearing their Christmas Jumpers and bringing in cat and dog food donations to go to Wild Acre Rescue.
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Manor Christmas Selfie Competition!

Posted: 26th November 2016

Who wants to win some sweets and chocolate?! All you need to do is to take a selfie in in front of our window display...
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Santa Jog 2016

Posted: 25th October 2016

We are really pleased to announce that we will be sponsoring the The Mary Stevens Hospice Santa Jog again this year!
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Fireworks Advice!

Posted: 21st October 2016

Fireworks can be very scary for our pets. We asked one of our Vets, Kat Tovey, to give her advice as to what we can all do to try and make the firework season as calm as possible:
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Posted: 27th September 2016

Dare we say it but Firework Season is not far away and now is the best time to start using various treatments including pheremone plug ins as these can take time to work.
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Petplan Awards!

Posted: 22nd September 2016

It's that time of year again when Petplan open up their nominations for their annual awards.
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Help us WIN!!!

Posted: 19th September 2016

We are really proud that all 4 of our branches made the Top 25 in the Best UK Vet competition run by Vet Help Direct but this year we would love to win but we need your help!!!
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Senior Client Clinics!

Posted: 13th September 2016

Every Thursday between 1 and 4pm, our Cradley Heath branch holds Senior Client Clinics
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Post Holiday Blues?

Posted: 6th September 2016

So the summer holidays are pretty much over now but have you started planning your next holiday? Have you ever thought about taking your pet abroad with you?
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Ticks and Lyme Disease

Posted: 2nd September 2016

Ticks have hit the news again today as research has shown that almost a third of dogs carry ticks!
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Posted: 22nd August 2016

Did you know that we have 2 Vets here at Manor that are fully qualified and trained to do animal acupuncture?
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Exciting News!

Posted: 8th August 2016

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of the HQ Barbers and the old Co-Op site next door to our Halesowen branch! This additional space will allow for further extension of the Practice and for the purchase of an on-site CT scanner which will make us one of only a handful of Veterinary Practices in the UK to have on-site CT scanning facilities!
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A Big Welcome

Posted: 3rd August 2016

A big welcome to Yui Tsutsumi! This happy face is Yui who is our latest addition to the Exotics Team here at Manor.
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Microchipping Offer!

Posted: 1st August 2016

Throughout the month of August we will be offering microchipping at just £15!
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Going on holiday with your dog?

Posted: 18th July 2016

Taking your dog with you on holiday is often a lot of fun and they enjoy a holiday as much as we do.
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CPD Evening 27th September 2016

Posted: 14th July 2016

“Exotic Animal Anaesthesia; How Risky Is It Really?!”
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Ladies Of The Manor!

Posted: 6th July 2016

Our lovely Ladies Of The Manor will be donning their running shoes once again to raise money for Cancer Research.
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RAW Photo Competition!

Posted: 20th June 2016

Post your favourite picture of your rabbit on Manor Vets Facebook page for a chance to win our hamper of prizes!
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We did it with Pride!!!!

Posted: 29th May 2016

We had an amazing time at Birmingham Pride 2016 on Saturday.
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Why take the risk?

Posted: 9th March 2016

Remember, remember the 6th of April! It's not long now until the new microchipping law comes into effect.
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What Is DCM?

Posted: 4th March 2016

Doberman, Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound, Boxer, Newfoundland – are you a Manor Vets client and own one of the above breeds aged over 3 years?!
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Sugar Glider

Posted: 4th March 2016

This little sugar glider came in to us from an exotic animal rescue centre with a tail injury which needed amputation.
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An ungainly landing

Posted: 26th February 2016

This very lovely African grey parrot came in to see us with a sore wing after having a slightly ungainly landing at home!
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Dental work

Posted: 25th February 2016

...this very handsome chap came in for some dental work today.
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Congratulations to Sergio Silvetti

Posted: 23rd February 2016

Congratulations to Sergio Silvetti, one of our exotics vets. He has recently been awarded the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Certificate of Advanced Veterinary Practice in Zoological Medicine.
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Get your cat neutered!

Posted: 4th February 2016

GET YOUR CAT NEUTERED FOR £5 IN FEBRUARY! The Cats Protection League are offering neutering vouchers to clients living in the B1 - B45 postcodes meaning that you can get your cat neutered for £5.
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Kennel Cough Outbreak

Posted: 3rd February 2016

We have had reports of several cases of Kennel Cough at our Northfield branch over the last few weeks.
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Have You Heard?

Posted: 6th January 2016

Have You Heard What Is Happening In April 2016? MICROCHIPPING IS BEING COMPLUSORY IN DOGS!
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Cassie's Amazing Transformation!

Posted: 4th January 2016

Cassie was brought in to us dangerously thin and very ill as a stray...
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Going the Extra Mile!

Posted: 27th December 2015

We are really proud to have an amazing team at Manor. Everyone is willing to go the extra mile and do (pretty much) anything to raise money for charity...
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On The 1st Day

Posted: 24th December 2015

On The 1st Day Of Manor You're Guaranteed To Have... A 24/7 SERVICE FOR YOU!!
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On The 2nd Day

Posted: 23rd December 2015

On The 2nd Day Of Manor You're Guaranteed To See... 2 MRI SCANS!
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On The 3rd Day

Posted: 22nd December 2015

...of Manor You're Guaranteed To See?
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On The 4th Day

Posted: 21st December 2015

On The 4th Day Of Manor You're Guaranteed To See... FOUR PETS WITH PASSPORTS!
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On The 6th Day

Posted: 19th December 2015

On The 6th Day Of Manor you're Guaranteed To See... 6 CERTIFICATE HOLDERS!
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On The 7th Day

Posted: 18th December 2015

On The 7th Day Of Manor You're Guaranteed To See...
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On The 8th Day

Posted: 17th December 2015

On The 8th Day Of Manor You're Guaranteed To See... 8 PARROTS-A-SQUAWKING!
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On The 9th Day

Posted: 16th December 2015

...of Manor You're Guaranteed To See?
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On the 10th Day

Posted: 15th December 2015

On the 10th Day Of Manor You're Guaranteed To See... 10 SENIOR DISCOUNTS!
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On the 11th Day

Posted: 14th December 2015

On the 11th Day Of Manor You're Guaranteed To See...
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On the 12th Day

Posted: 13th December 2015

On the 12th Day Of Manor You're Guaranteed To See...
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The soggiest!!! of Santa Jogs

Posted: 8th December 2015

A huge thank you to all our friends, family, companions and supporters who braved the elements (torrential rain) and ran the soggiest!!! of Santa Jogs
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The Dangers Of Raisins

Posted: 6th November 2015

Jessie was 9 weeks old when her 'Dad' rushed her in Out Of Hours for treatment after pinching some of her human baby sister's raisins!
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Life is never dull...

Posted: 5th November 2015

Just An Average Day At The Office! Life is never dull here and this is especially true for Edgbaston.
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Forever Homes!

Posted: 4th November 2015

Abandoned Puppies Find Their Forever Homes!
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Posted: 4th November 2015

I'm sure you will join us in wishing Ted a speedy recovery.
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Manor MoBros

Posted: 3rd November 2015

We are proud to introduce our "Manor MoBros" who will be locking away their razors for the month of November to raise money and awareness for Male Cancers.
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The 5th November

Posted: 2nd November 2015

Hedgehogs are looking for somewhere safe and warm to hibernate over winter - be careful around composts and bonfires as there could be one hibernating underneath
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Firework Season!

Posted: 1st November 2015

Whilst many of us look forward to bonfire night and the firework “season,” it is worth sparing a thought for our pets – since this can be a very stressful time for many of them. With this in mind we’ve put together some tips to help get them through this challenging time.
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Santa Jog

Posted: 27th October 2015

Manor Vets are very proud to be sponsoring the 2015 Santa Jog which is organised by Mary Stevens Hospice, Stourbridge.
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Lovely Betty

Posted: 20th October 2015

Betty was very pleased to come trotting into the office yesterday to show she is back to her normal cheeky self...
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Exotics Referral Team

Posted: 15th October 2015

Here at Manor, we are extremely lucky to have a very experienced Exotics Referral team.
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We need your HELP!

Posted: 12th October 2015

We need your HELP! to spread the word...
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The Veterinary Awards 2016

Posted: 28th September 2015

Don’t miss your chance to nominate for who you think should win in these prestigious awards! The Veterinary Awards recognise the fantastic work that goes on in veterinary practices across the UK.
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Acupuncture Treatment

Posted: 11th June 2015

Portia and Emily’s sessions were performed by Helen Adams at Manor Vets Cradley Heath practice. Both Portia and Emily were very tolerant, very well behaved and have seen many benefits with their treatments.
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Made of IRON...

Posted: 9th June 2015

Mark Barton with his two children after completing the gruelling Ironman Challenge (Long Course Weekend) over the weekend.
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Don’t Let Your Pet Lose Their Cool!

Posted: 1st June 2015

Our Vet’s Claire Denny and Kathryn Tovey have some simple tips to help keep your furry friends cool during the heat wave
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Patient Comfort!

Posted: 1st June 2015

Good news! At Manor Vets we have found a way to improve patient comfort and reduce stress post surgery.
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Compulsory microchipping

Posted: 1st June 2015

On 6 February 2012 the Government announced that they will be introducing legislation to make microchipping of all dogs compulsory in England from 6 April 2016.
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Gorgeous Bernese

Posted: 28th April 2015

The Xrays came back with no obvious signs of a foreign body but not all objects can be seen on xrays such as wood, plastic etc. However we did see a large amount of gas which confirmed our fear that it was indeed a foreign body.
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Daisy and Mollie

Posted: 28th April 2015

Luckily Daisy and Mollie’s vigilant parents had them checked out as soon as they thought there might be a problem...
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Posted: 21st April 2015

With continual advances in veterinary medicine and surgery, we can now diagnose and treat more conditions that ever before.
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Pink Puppy Harris

Posted: 10th April 2015

Pink Puppy Harris who just at 5 and half weeks old was brought in by her human parents who were very concerned about her sudden loss of appetite after being wormed and passing a lot of worms.
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Posted: 1st March 2015

The many benefits of regular grooming your pet!... and what may you find when grooming your pet?
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Lost without it!

Posted: 5th February 2015

It’s a sad fact of life that thousands of pets go missing every year and many are never reunited with their owners, and all for one simple reason – they cannot be identified.
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Pet’s Vaccinations

Posted: 20th January 2015

With recent alarming outbreaks of infectious diseases in unvaccinated pets, the importance of vaccinations in dogs and cats can’t be over-emphasised!
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Posted: 12th January 2015

When caring for your pet's health, an annual visit to one of our vet’s for a thorough check up means extra peace of mind.
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Vaccine Amnesty Offer

Posted: 10th January 2015

With today’s hectic lifestyle….. has vaccination slipped your mind? Vaccines gone out of date? With Manor Vets special offer – get back up to date at a fantastic discount…
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Lurking around…

Posted: 3rd January 2015

Please don't give your pets the last of the Christmas cake or mince pies that maybe left over or lurking around in the bottom of the cupboard from Christmas!
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What is chocolate poisoning

Posted: 31st October 2014

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Kitty's story...

Posted: 15th October 2013

Recently we had a cat admitted to us after being shot with an air rifle
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Housing Two Ocelots

Posted: 29th November 2012

Manor vets Exotics team on location at Birmingham Nature Centre housing two ocelots
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