This is Minni!

Posted: 1st September 2020

Minni was neutered recently. We are now able to carry out neutering on a risk assessment basis. It is usually advised to neuter both cats and dogs around 6 months of age, however it is worth remembering that female cats can become pregnant earlier, so it is best to keep all cats strictly indoors until neutered and micro-chipped.

Did you know?

  • Neutering can prevent male cats from spraying to mark their territory.
  • Neutering prevents male cats from wandering to find a female. Unfortunately cats can become lost if they wander too far from home. They can unfortunately get involved in road traffic accidents when following the scent of a female.
  • Neutering female cats stops them from coming into season, otherwise known as "calling". When in season, females can become very loud and vocal. They can also sometimes become more affectionate.
  • Un-castrated males tend to fight with eachother for the attention of females, therefore neutering can help prevent injuries from fighting and also prevent diseases being spread by biting.
  • At this time of year rescues are often full with pregnant cats and kittens, therefore neutering your pet will ensure your cat does not add to the numbers of stray cats and kittens.

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This is Minni!

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