Rogue Reaney

Posted: 6th October 2017

Here is Rogue Reaney, a Sugar Glider who visited Manor Vets Exotics, Edgbaston for a brief general anaesthetic X-Ray and health check.

Rogue recovered really quickly and was able to go home with his owner Kellie later that morning.

Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders are a popular exotic pet due to their small size and cute, yet unusual, appearance. As with any other exotic pet, a potential owner should be aware of the care requirements and personality traits of sugar gliders before acquiring one.

Sugar gliders are marsupials, not rodents (but flying squirrels are rodents). Sugar gliders start life off in a pouch (like a kangaroo) and are called joeys when they are babies.

They come from Australia, Indonesia, and New Guinea, and live in tree tops. Their name is derived from their diet since they eat the sweet nectar and sap in the wild and from the flap of skin they have between their wrists and ankles that allows them to glide between trees. They are omnivorous, meaning they will eat both plant material and meat. Their food choices in the wild include nectar, fruit, insects and even small birds or rodents.

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