Meet Our Team

We are fortunate at Manor Vets to have an amazing team of committed, talented and enthusiastic staff. Here is a brief introduction to the team...


Job     Manor

Abbie Yapp Abbie Yapp
Agnes Lubian Agnes Lubian
Amanda Jones Amanda Jones
Amelia Becke Amelia Becke
Andrei Llascu Andrei Llascu
Arthur Mount Arthur Mount
Bethany Seabright Bethany Seabright
Bianca Roca Bianca Roca
Carly Bath Carly Bath
Carly Cutler Carly Cutler
Claire Blizzard Claire Blizzard
Claire Poston Claire Poston
Clare Gilbert Clare Gilbert
Danielle Turner Danielle Turner
Debbie Poston Debbie Poston
Edgar Osmininas Edgar Osmininas
Elaine Elwell Elaine Elwell
Emily Savin Emily Savin
Fern Brewer Fern Brewer
Georgi-lee Salkeld Georgi-lee Salkeld
Grace Pearson Grace Pearson
Hayley Betts Hayley Betts
Helen White Helen White
Hollie-Marie Byrd Hollie-Marie Byrd
Holly Paws Holly Paws
Jason Tudor Jason Tudor
Jessica Fellows Jessica Fellows
Jessica Haslam Jessica Haslam
Jon Wilkes Jon Wilkes
Josh Somers Josh Somers
Kelly Griffiths Kelly Griffiths
Kim Thompson Kim Thompson
Kirsty Field Kirsty Field
Laura Wiggett Laura Wiggett
Leanne Holloway Leanne Holloway
Lesa Davis Lesa Davis
Liz Cubberley Liz Cubberley
Lourdes Lavilla Atienza Lourdes Lavilla Atienza
Lucy Edmonds Lucy Edmonds
Lydia Lowe Lydia Lowe
Lynn Tudor Lynn Tudor
Mandy Evans Mandy Evans
Michelle Dale Michelle Dale
Natalia Konstantinou Natalia Konstantinou
Nicky Bishop Nicky Bishop
Rachael Jeavons Rachael Jeavons
Rachael Taylor Rachael Taylor
Robyn Stone Robyn Stone
Sam Garratt Sam Garratt
Sarah Nock Sarah Nock
Sophie Kingscott Sophie Kingscott
Stefan Popescu Stefan Popescu
Stephen Ward Stephen Ward
Zofia Jaworek Zofia Jaworek