Emma Smith

Job title: Veterinary Nurse

Home town: Darlaston

Qualifications: I have a HND in animal care, science and business management and a BSc in Veterinary nursing science experience = I have worked at Manor for 7 years

About me: I have always wanted to work with animals and have had various jobs while training to become a veterinary nurse, including being an "animal man" or woman as the case may be.

My family pets: I have Kezzie a very sweet collie dog who is always into mischief and three moggies, Skimble, Pudsey and Casper

I'd like to have: a hundred collies - I know I'm crazy!!

If a dog walkies: The beach!!!!

I love manor: The people here are amazing!

I always wished I could: go into space

When I can: get away with the dog. Most weekends throughout the summer I spend competing with Kezzie in obedience competitions.

Meet: this changes each day and also depends what i'm watching on tv at the time.

Interesting: When I was young i wanted to be a spy or a pirate!! (I think a small part of me still does)