Sophie Aziz-Price

Job Title: Nursing Manager

Hometown: Kinver

Qualifications: RVN

About me: I Completed my degree at Harper Adams, Throughout my training I worked at a few practices with a variety a species including Farm animals, horses, small animals and exotics. I came to Manor in 2010 and completed my Training. I enjoy all areas of nursing however my main interest is Theatre. Recently I have taken the role of Nursing Manager but still like to do some clinical work.

My family pets: I currently have 2 Labradors, 2 naughty Spaniels. 3 Cats and 4 Horses. I'd really like a Skunk.

Dog walkies: On the beach but i'd stay well away from the water.

I love Manor Vets: Although we are a large practice with lots of staff everyone gets on well. We have a fantastic team. Its nice to work somewhere with such high standards and all patients are given great care.

I always wished I could: Work with Elephants and Orang-utans in the wild.

When I can: I ride my horses and walk my dogs.

Meet: E.T

Interesting: I am scared of Frogs