Mark Barton

Job title: Senior Veterinary Surgeon

Home town: Birmingham

Qualifications: BSc(Hons) BVMS MRCVS

Experience: I worked for 5 years at the RSPCA at the busy trauma hospital and started at Manor in 2005 since then I have continued my interest in orthopaedics.

About me: I have a beautiful wife Sarah and 2 wonderful children Sam 4 and Niamh 2. I have wanted to be a vet since my family had a GSD when I was 7. I was at school in Bromsgrove and I went on to do a degree in Bristol then my veterinary trainining in Glasgow where I met Sarah. I enjoy adventure racing, running, mountain biking,swimming and scuba diving(when I have time).

My family pets: 2 border terrier crosses called Fraggle and Frodo and occasionally a black Labrador lodger called Jess. 4 cats Dillon, Brian,Florence and Zebedee and chickens.

If a dog walkies: Druidstone beach in Pembrokeshire and Aberdovey beach in north Wales.

I love manor: My colleagues are all hard working, caring and will do anything for their patients.
We also have loads of equipment making our jobs easier.

When I can: Keep fit and spend time with my family.

Meet: Peter Kay

Interesting: I used to have long hair with an undercut and a pony tail (sadly all pictures have been destroyed)