Jayne Prosser

Job title: Senior Receptionist

Home town: Rowley Regis

Experience: I have worked at Manor for about 7 years

About me: I always wanted to do work associated with animals but didn't quite have the stomach to become a nurse

My family pets: I have 2 white boxers (1 deaf), 8 cats, a 13year old rabbit and various other waifes and strays that come my way!

If a dog walkies: Would be along a sandy beach!

I love Manor Vets: Its a proffessional company but still hasn't forgotten how to use the personal touch.

I always wished I could: own an animal sanctuary

When I can: get away in my little old caravan.

Meet: Stephen Fry

Interesting: I love growing plants in my greenhouse (not very interesting but hey ho!!)

Jayne Prosser