Isabel Ross

Isabel qualified from University of Bristol with Distinction in 2001. She has previously worked in Reddich and then for 5 yeras in Bromsgrove before moving to Manor. She is working towards certification in medicine which involves a lot of extra work and commitment. Isobels interests include tennis, badminton and riding horses. Some years ago Isobel was part of a 4 person crew sailing a yatch from New Zealand to Australia (over 2000 miles!).

Job Title: Veterinary Surgeon

Home town: Redditch

Qualifications: BVSc MRCVS CERT AVP (internal medacine)

Experience: Eleven years in small animal practice

My family pets: Kelsey, a 12 yr old collie (lovely), Muffin, an 8 yr old terrier (naughty!), Trix, a 14yr old cat (trouble!) and Georgie, an 8 year old dwarf cat

If a dog walkies: would be on the Malvern Hills in the sun with a squeaky bone!

I always wished I could: Fly like a bird

When I can: Relax over a meal with friends

Meet: Steven Gerrard

Interesting: I've got my motorbike license and am really into sports bikes