Small pets

Posted: 2nd November 2017

Small animals and birds all need to be treated with special care as these animals are easily frightened.

Hutches, cages and enclosures should, if possible, be brought into a quiet room indoors, or into a garage or shed.

Providing extra bedding for them to burrow down in can help the pet feel more secure.

Aviaries should be covered with thick blankets to block out the sight and sound of the fireworks, but care should be taken to ensure there is enough ventilation in the aviary.

Fireworks can be difficult for many pets to cope with but there is a lot that can be done to support them through this troubling period.

For further information please contact Manor Vets t: 0121 422 5411  or contact one of our branches

Don’t forget your small furries! (rabbits etc)

  • If possible, bring hutches indoors
  • Place thick blankets around the hutch to reduce noise transmission and reduce flashes.