Top Tick Tips!

Posted: 26th April 2018

Ticks are small parasites that can be found lurking in grassy areas. Ticks aren’t just pests that feast on your dog and cause them to itch; they can also be carriers of serious diseases which can be passed from one to another during the tick’s meal – including humans!

What do I do if I find a tick on my dog?

Don’t be tempted to pull the tick straight off. Ticks must be removed slowly and carefully; otherwise embedded mouth parts can be left behind. Our nurses are always happy to show you how, or to remove ticks for you if you are unsure.

Tips for avoiding ticks

  • Carry a tick removal tool on walks.
  • Always check your dog after walks in long grass or when near sheep/deer – this includes inside the ears, around the eyes and between their toes.
  • Walk in the centre of paths, avoiding over hanging vegetation at the edge.
  • Use prescription tick prevention treatment regularly.
  • Monthly spot-on or tablet.
  • Consider tick repellent sprays or impregnated collars.

If you would like more information on tick prevention treatment;

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Top Tick Tips!

How to remove a tick?

Your main aims are to remove the tick promptly, to remove all parts of the tick’s body and to prevent it releasing additional saliva or regurgitating its stomach contents into your bite wound.