Is your pet itchy or in pain?

Posted: 11th January 2018

Help is only a light source away!

Is your pet suffering from osteoarthritis or any other chronic condition such as atopic dermatitis, itchy ears and feet or require ongoing anti-inflammatory/pain relief or topical creams?

Manor vets are now one of the only veterinary practices in the region to be able to provide K-laser class IV leading therapeutic laser therapy treatments.

  • K-Laser therapy is proven to help in the long-term management of painful conditions.
  • Provides enhanced pain relief and anti-inflammatory benefits with NO side effects.
  • K-Laser therapy is recognised as a vet-prescribed treatment and is therefore, fully redeemable under most standard animal insurance policies.

Please call one of our Manor Vets branches to find out more on how K-Laser therapy may benefit your pet.

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