Anti-Freeze Poisoning

Posted: 27th February 2018

With below freezing temperatures expected for the rest of this week, please monitor your pets extra closely for signs of anti-freeze toxicity.

If you suspect they have ingested any amount of anti-freeze please give us a call immediately, any time - day or night, on 0121 422 5411

Anti-Freeze Poisoning

Antifreeze, commonly used in the winter months to prevent our cars from freezing, can kill or seriously injure our pets.

The dangerous toxin ethylene glycol found in antifreeze can make its way to ground through dripping or leakage.

Because it is sweet tasting, antifreeze may be licked and ingested by cats or dogs… Pets love to lick from the ground!

If your cat or dog may have ingested anti-freeze, or is showing any of these clinical signs, please call immediately.

Should you need us we have an emergency and critical care service with a team of friendly vets and qualified nurses who are available 24/7, with around the clock on-site care 365 days a year!'

Symptoms of antifreeze poisoning include;

  • Vomiting
  • Sleepiness/depression
  • Seizures & muscle twitching
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Appearing uncoordinated

Always seek immediate vet attention if your pet has ingested antifreeze if eaten can cause kidney failure

Anti-Freeze Poisoning

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