Puppy & Kitten Starter Package

Posted: 5th December 2018 End Date: 31st December 2019

Puppy and Kitten Starter Pack

NOW ONLY £49.00

Set your new puppy or kitten up for a healthy life…. and save money with our fantastic deal on the first course of vaccinations. Your new puppy or kitten’s first six months lay down the foundations for a happy and healthy life. This is when they learn to socialise with other animals and to come willingly to the vets. It is also when you will have lots of questions to ask about behaviour, feeding and care.

Our Puppy and Kitten pack includes:

  • A full vaccination course (does not include Kennel Cough)
  • 1 month flea and worm treatment (to be determined by a vet)
  • Microchip
  • A 2kg bag of Natures Range food (or equivalent)
Puppy & Kitten Starter Package

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