Veterinary MRI

Veterinary MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

Manor Vets was one of the first UK veterinary practices to provide MRI scanning for pets.

We have been scanning since 2004, and have considerable experience in this specialist form of medical imaging.


The scanner enables us to look at structures within the body in detail by the use of a very powerful electromagnet and radio waves. It has the advantages of being safe, and of providing very detailed pictures, particularly of the spine, brain, and head. The scanner has helped us to diagnose many painful spinal disorders which we have been able to treat successfully.


The scanner plugs into specialist equipment installed at our Cradley surgery. MRI has many advantages over x-rays and ultrasound, including the extraordinary detail it offers. Scans can be taken in fine slices through the body, building up amazing definition, allowing us to make diagnosis of even the most subtle problems, such as a collapsing disc in the spine, or a torn ligament in the knee.

Harmless to the Patient

The magnet is shielded, which means its forces do not apply outside the trailer containing it. It is so strong that any metal objects nearby will fly at high speed towards the coil. It can be quite dangerous if you bring metal near it. No scissors allowed! Of course, it is completely harmless to the patient.

Advanced Imaging

It requires 415 volts and a 100 amp supply (for those not technical, that’s a lot of power!)  The scanner costs about £1m and is brand new. A scan takes about 45 minutes from start to finish and about 150-200 images are produced which go on to be examined by a specialist in this advanced from of imaging.

Veterinary MRI

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