Bringing your cat to the vets

Bringing your cat into the vets can be a very stressful event for both you and your furry friend. There are a few ways in which the stress and anxiety experienced by your cat during a visit to the vet can be reduced, many of which can begin at home.

Before your visit

Prior planning is important in making your visit to the practice as stress free as possible, although this may not always be possible in the case of emergency appointments.

  • Using your cat carrier around the home will familiarise your cat with it for example feeding your cat in or near the carrier, or hiding toys or treats in the basket. This way your cat doesn’t only associate the carrier with a visit to the vets!
  • Choosing the right carrier is also important – it should be strong, easy to clean, and ideally top opening to allow your cat to be gently lifted in or out.
  • Many cats will not like travelling in the car; the carrier can be covered with a blanket or towel (that smells of home) to keep the cat calm. Keeping the carrier secure in the foot well or on the seat will also help.
Bringing your cat to the vets

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