Fleas, Ticks & Worms


Fleas are an ever present source of irritation to both pets and owners. Generally fleas can lead to problems with skin irritation, allergies and secondary infections that may need veterinary treatment. They can also spread tapeworms if swallowed while grooming. Flea infestations in young puppies can cause severe anaemia and even death due to the volume of blood taken by fleas feeding.

They are easily prevented/treated using appropriate flea control products regularly.

Our staff can advise you and provide suitable products for your dog.


Tick numbers are on the increase due to changes in climate. Ticks can cause local irritation, secondary infections, self trauma and swellings at attachment site which may need veterinary treatment. It is important that if you remove ticks you retrieve the head and mouthparts as well as the body. Our reception staff can show you how to use a very simple, effective tick remover.

One type of tick in the UK can spread Lyme disease (Borreliosis) which can affect people and dogs. Cases are rare but increasing. However, the ticks involved are found mainly in damp wooded areas such as the New Forest. Worth bearing in mind if spending time in these areas as extra tick protection may be worthwhile.

Ticks from abroad can spread many other diseases (eg. babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, hepatozoonosis, tick bourne encephalitis) which is why animals must have tick treatment certified when travelling on pet passports to prevent these diseases being brought into the UK.

Our staff can advise on tick treatment when necessary


Your dog should be wormed approximately every 3 months.

Dogs can get round and tapeworms.

Dog roundworms (Toxocara canis) can pose a small human health risk particularly to young children who are more likely to come into contact with soil contaminated by dog faeces which is how the infection is transmitted. Regular worming and proper disposal of dog faeces can help reduce this risk.

Our staff can help advise you and provide suitable products for your animal.

Fleas, Ticks & Worms

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