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A warm welcome August…

If you are planning a weekend away or a short beach break please remember:

  • Don’t let your dog drink salt water… Bring your dog’s bowl along with you, plus their own bottle of water, and make sure you offer it to them regularly. This will help to prevent your dog from getting too thirsty and drinking salt water!
  • Ingestion of too much salt water can have serious effects on your dog’s health, so keep your eye on them as often as you can to check they aren’t helping themselves to it.
  • Avoid heat exhaustion in dogs The heat, along with lots of excitement and lack of shade can quickly lead to sunburn or heatstroke. To prevent this, make sure you give your dog lots of fresh water to drink and take regular shade brakes. If you plan to stop and sunbathe, make sure there’s a shaded area for your dog to cool off in.
  • Be aware that dogs can get sunburnt too, especially those with white/pale fur. Consider getting your dog some special pet-friendly sun cream.

For more information on keeping your pet safe and comfortable at the beach, or any aspect of their welfare don’t hesitate to contact us.

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