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Harvey the Cockapoo

Harvey the Cockapoo

This is Harvey an eleven month old Cockapoo.

Harvey has had re-occuring lameness, which does respond to pain relief medication, however the owners wanted to investigate further to try to identify a cause.

The CT results have have indicated that Harvey has Medial Coronoid Process Disease. With this disease small fissures or fractures can occur within the bones of the elbow, however the CT has allowed us to rule this out in Harveys' case.

Harvey's owners are considering an arthroscopy procedure to further investigate his elbow joint, but for now Harvey is on strict rest and pain relief.

He may also start some hydrotherapy to build up his muscles...

Veterinary CT Referrals

  • Manor Vets provide on-site 64 Slice CT scanning Referrals.
  • We accept CT SCAN requests from all veterinary practices at our Halesowen Hospital, West Midlands.
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This comes after a significant investment which includes a purpose built CT scanning suite as well as an extension and further investment in our modern clinical areas.

Our 64-slice scanner uses less radiation than lower quality machines and rivals the high performance machines used in human hospitals.

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