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Treacle's MRI Case Study

Treacle's MRI Case Study

Treacle is a Border Collie cross who came into Manor for a CT Scan after a stick got lodged at the back of her throat and became infected.

The CT scan showed the tract that the stick had made in her tissues, however it also showed up an area of concern in her brain. CT Scan is excellent for assessing a number of things such as soft tissues and bone, however an MRI Scan is better at assessing the complex structure of the brain.

CT & MRI scans for your pets

At Manor Vets we offer both Veterinary CT Referrals and Veterinary MRI Referrals scans for your referring practices throughout the West Midlands and the UK. Manor Vets Referrals have an on-site dedicated CT scanner located at Manor Vets, Halesowen, West Midlands, however the MRI machine comes to Manor Vets Cradely Heath Surgery. If your think your clients pet may need a CT or an MRI scan please do not hesitate to contact Manor Vets Referrals for more information or to discuss this with a vet.



Treacle's Normal Life!


Thankfully her MRI showed this area was nothing to worry about so Treacle can continue leading a normal life!


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