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Have you lost or found a pet? Check if your missing cat or dog has been found by someone in the Monor Vets area.

Stray Cat

Posted: 5th February 2021

Manor Vets Northfield, has a stary cat, found in the Northfield/Longbridge area (Josiah Road B31).
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Anyone Missing?

Posted: 12th November 2020

Is anyone missing this little cutie pie??
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Home Needed

Posted: 9th November 2020

This little old girl came into us a stray and sadly has not been claimed.
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Abandoned at our door

Posted: 1st February 2020

This little lady was left in a box outside our Manor Vets Edgbaston branch Friday afternoon.
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Forever home needed!

Posted: 24th January 2020

We need help to find this little one’s home...
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Posted: 6th November 2019

We need your help locating the owners of this handsome boy… He was found near Northfield fire station on Monday 4th November
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Posted: 7th October 2019

Hello! We need your help… locating the owners of this beautiful cat This little lady was found Halesowen. Currently being cared for at our Halesowen branch. Please help us return her home...
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Posted: 1st October 2019

This beautiful Macaw was found in central Birmingham last night (30th September) Unfortunately without a chip but does have a ring
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Bartley Green on Monday 8th

Posted: 10th September 2019

UPDATE: FOUND, THANK YOU! This little old lady tabby was found in Bartley Green on Monday 8th September. She is a tabby and white, elderly cat. No chip or collar. Currently being treated at our Halesowen branch.
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Budgie found Sandon Road

Posted: 3rd September 2019

This Budgie was found in the Sandon Road area. The budgie does have an identification ring on his leg and we’d very much like to reunite him with the owner.
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Abandoned Cats

Posted: 29th August 2019

Hello! We need your help… locating the owners of these two gorgeous cats that were abandoned at Manor Vets, Northfield over the last couple of days!
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Budgie Found Howley Grange

Posted: 28th August 2019

This Budgie was found in a garden in the Howley Grange area.
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Cat Owner

Posted: 16th July 2019

We are looking for the owner of this cat....
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Found B63 Halesowen

Posted: 23rd November 2017

This beautiful dog was found wandering in Halesowen / Colley Gate area B63.
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Please Help...

Posted: 20th November 2017

This beautiful cat is missing - can you help? Tikka was last seen around 8.40 am on 14/11/2017 near the Hollymoor area at the top of Frankely Beaches Road.
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Have you seen me?

Posted: 26th October 2017

Have you seen me? Missing from the Halesowen area. Please can you help? This little one has now been missing for 5 days, which is totally out of character as she is a house cat who is quite nervous.
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Do you know me?

Posted: 26th October 2017

I have been found in Howley Grange near Quinton. Call Us Today 0121 422 5411
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Lost Dog

Posted: 20th October 2017

This dog was handed into us at our EDGBASTON branch. Please call 0121 429 2829.
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Posted: 16th October 2017

Missing Cat : Have you seen me? This is Jasmine who has gone missing in the B17 area. Jasmine is ginger with a dark stripe down her nose, she also has one cream paw and no microchip. She was last seen wearing a pink collar with a bell on. FOUND! Thank you everyone for your support! We are delighted to advise that Jasmine is back home and safe with her family
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Posted: 16th January 2017

Help Find Toffee, Large Ginger and White Cat
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Has anyone seen Bob?

Posted: 12th October 2016

He is microchipped. He has very distinctive blue eyes and spotty tabby markings.
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Have you seen Blue?

Posted: 5th October 2016

Please contact the Practice on 0121 422 5411 if you have seen him
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Posted: 30th September 2016

Has anyone seen Purdy?! This beautiful girl is 3 years old and has gone mising from the B63 area of Halesowen and was last seen on 20th September.
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Posted: 12th September 2016

Splodge has gone missing from the Howley Grange area and her family are missing them greatly.
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Shadow is missing?

Posted: 6th September 2016

Shadow is a 5 month old kitten that has gone missing from Narrow Lane near Hurst Green.
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I need a home!

Posted: 1st September 2016

Can anyone offer this female a loving forever home?
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Has anyone seen Shadow

Posted: 30th August 2016

LOST Selly oak/Harborne area. Her name is shadow ...
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Missing Parrot...

Posted: 25th August 2016

Has anyone seen this parrot? He has gone missing from the Boldmere Area (B67) and his owners are very worried.
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Lost Bird

Posted: 24th August 2016

This little one was brought into our Edgbaston branch last night
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Rabbit found!

Posted: 19th August 2016

This rabbit was found in the Quinton area. Does anyone knows who they belong to?
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Has anyone seen Milka?

Posted: 17th August 2016

Hi everyone, my dog Mika went missing from the main field in Haden Hill Park.
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