Major Health Issues

We see cases of fly strike every year. This is a very unpleasant condition where flies are attracted by the smell of faeces, urine, damp fur or wounds on the rabbit. They then lay eggs on the surface which quickly hatch into maggots (within hours) and then the maggots then begin eating the rabbits flesh causing pain and distress and can lead to shock and death.

Please ring if you ever see maggots on your rabbit as this is an emergency condition.

You can help minimise risk by keeping hutches and runs clean and dry, checking rabbits twice daily for signs of eggs or maggots, trimming hair around rear end if getting wet/dirty, maintaining a good high fibre diet to help prevent diarrhoeas and by getting treatment for other problems which can prevent the rabbit looking after itself e.g. dental problems, arthritic pain in older rabbits, obesity, urine problems.

Major Health Issues

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Manor Vets 24-Hour Emergency (West Midlands)

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At Manor Vets we are different to most veterinary practices because we have experienced vets and nurses on the premises around the clock every day of the year.

This enables us to deal with surgical and medical emergencies that arise during the night, as well as continued monitoring and care of hospitalised and critically ill patients.

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