Dental Problems

Dental problems in rabbits can quickly become severe as rabbits have continuously growing teeth which can grow as fast as 2mm per week. If the teeth become misaligned they can grow unevenly causing painful spikes on the molar teeth pointing towards the tongue or cheeks, or overgrowth of the incisors curling round into the mouth or forwards from the mouth impeding the rabbits ability to pick up food.

Likelihood of an individual having dental problems is partly to do with conformation and breeding and partly to do with diet. It is extremely important to have rabbits on a good quality, high fibre diet as close to a wild rabbit diet as possible ie plenty of grass, hay and fibrous greens and a smaller amount of other veg and a preferably pelleted high fibre food as most rabbits are selective feeders and will pick the tastier pieces out of a mixed diet leaving the other essentials behind.

If you notice your rabbit having trouble eating/picking up food or any sign of drool around the mouth, chin or dewlap or wiped onto the inside of the front paws, it is advised to bring the rabbit in for a check up.

Dental Problems

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