Leopard Gecko

This is Arya, a 3 year old Leopard Gecko, under going a Spey procedure at Manor Vets Exotics, Edgbaston.

Little Arya had a slow recovery but after an overnight stay for monitoring, she was able to go home.

Did you know?

Manor Vets Edgbaston Exotics Practice has been furbished to the highest standard with purpose-built separate hospital wards for predatory and prey exotic species, designated isolation facilities and handling equipment designed to manage non-domestic species safely.

On-site diagnostics allow rapid assessment and management of cases. Our veterinary and nursing staff are fully trained to deal with a comprehensive variety of non-traditional species including zoo species.

Manor Vets, Exotics Edgbaston accept referrals from other veterinary surgeons for exotic pets, this includes the following reptiles:

Lizards (including; Monitors, Dragons, Geckos, Chameleons, Iguanas, Gila Monsters)

Snakes (including; Boas, Pythons, Colubrids)

Chelonia (including; Tortoises, Terrapins, Turtles)

Crocodilia (including; Caiman, Crocodiles)

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