Exercising Puppies

Posted: 20th February 2018

This is an X-ray of a 2 week old puppy.

You can see how far the bones have to grow before they become a proper bony joint!

We advise new puppy owners not to over exercise their puppy due to concerns about joint disorders such as hip and elbow dysplasia.

A useful guide...

However, moderate exercise is important to increase muscle tone and support joints.

A useful guide is to allow 5 minutes daily of exercise per month of your puppy’s age. Avoid stairs in puppies under 3 months (use baby gates), & avoid long lead walks, especially on hard or steep terrain.

Jogging with your puppy or running them behind a bike is not recommended. High impact training such as agility work should be avoided until your dog is over a year old or even older for certain large breeds of dog.

Exercising Puppies

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