Super Pet Awards! - Lola Williams

Posted: 24th May 2019

Lola the french bulldog came to us after referral from another vets. Her owners were concerned that she was leaking urine at home, and so took her into their local vets. They identified that a CT scan of her abdomen would be beneficial in finding out the cause of her problems, so they referred her on to our Halesowen hospital where we have an on-site, 64 slice CT scanner.

A CT scan identified some very unusual anatomy in her abdomen. Lola had been born with a duplicated ureter, a congenital abnormality meaning she had 3 ureters in total instead of the normal 2! The ureter is the tube which passes urine from the kidneys to the bladder, so this anomaly likely explained Lolas' symptoms.

Blue arrow A in the picture below indicates the duplicated ureter filled with contrast agent which is used during a CT scan.

Blue arrow B indicates where the extra ureter attaches to the kidney.

After discussions with her owner it was decided surgery to remove this abnormal anatomy would go ahead to hopefully stop Lolas symptoms. Susan Inkster, our excellent soft tissue surgeon, performed a complicated removal procedure and the surgery was a success!

Our wonderful Manor Vets veterinary nurses and nursing assistants monitored her closely through both her anaesthetic and recovery.

Super Pet Awards! - Lola Williams
Super Pet Awards! - Lola Williams

Here is Lola straight after her operation looking fetching in her buster collar which stops her chewing at her sutures.

Lola back to full health 10 days post surgery.

What a little star she is and after everything she has been through!

She has become a firm favourite here at Manor Vets!

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