Overweight or Obese

Posted: 22nd July 2019

Obesity in our much loved pets is on the increase in the UK, it’s estimated that 40% of dogs and 53% of cats are overweight or obese.

Being overweight can cause significant changes to your pet’s health, and here are the reasons why it is best to keep your pets at their optimal weight:

  • Exercise: Obesity in pets can cause a significant amount of exercise intolerance, and many overweight pets become exhausted after a few minutes of exercise. Dogs and cats can carry a lot of fat around their lungs and can affect how well your pet can breathe whilst exercising.
  • Windpipe: Excess fat in the neck compresses the windpipe, and are at risk of tracheal collapse and laryngeal paralysis.
  • Joints: The joints can be under a lot of stress from excess weight, and may suffer from osteoarthritis and spinal problems. Even the simplest movement such as standing up may become difficult, or even painful.
  • Urinary diseases: Overweight pets are more likely to suffer from urinary stones and urinary tract infections.
  • Metabolic disorders: Fatty tissue can disrupt your pets entire metabolic balance, meaning they are more likely to suffer from diseases which affect the rest of the body such as diabetes mellitus.

We have dedicated Veterinary Nurses who are happy to help with your pet’s weight loss journey, so if you want to discuss this with them, or if you aren’t sure if your pet is overweight call and arrange an appointment and one of our nurses can go through this with you.

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Overweight or Obese
Overweight or Obese

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