Goodbye Summer... Hello Autumn

Posted: 23rd September 2019

The season of falling leaves, conkers and fireworks…

It really has been a summer of extreme weather contrasts, with high levels of rainfall peppered with record high temperatures – and now Autumn's first day (astronomical season) is here…!

Healthier time for your pet…

Acorn and oak leaves can be poisonous for dogs. If you have oak trees in your garden or where your doggy walks, please be extra careful. Apart from being poisonous, acorns can easily be swallowed by dogs that can get stuck in their tummy.

Conkers may be synonymous with autumn, but few people realise that these can also pose a serious health risk to your pet if ingested. Poisoning cases are rare but they can cause tummy problems and vomiting if eaten.

While most are non-toxic, dogs are highly susceptible to mushroom poisoning because of their wandering and foraging behaviour. Unfortunately, dogs are unable to sniff out the toxic ones, so the best way to avoid trouble is to keep pets away from areas where any mushrooms are growing.

Please beware of TICKS

Autumn is the season of ticks as playing in the cool leaves is just one-way pets can get these pesky parasites.

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Goodbye Summer... Hello Autumn

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